TCN: Performances

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Theatrical Combat Network: Performances for Stage and Screen

The Theatrical Combat Network can also provide performances for events, festivals and film productions.

Live Shows

TCN can provide live shows for your event or festival. Typical shows are approximately 20-30 minutes long and can include pre-show entertainment to help draw in audiences. Our standard shows include elements of drama, humor, and of course flashing steel!

Current shows available include:Romeo & Juliet

  • Romeo & Juliet Reduced!
  • Buckler O'Maddic
  • Dueling Blackbeards
  • Mischief Impossible!

Film Production

TCN members can also provide fight and stunt services for all sizes of film production. Often its necessary to showcase a main character in dangerous situations. We can break down a scene, and provide specific training to allow the main actor to perform as much of the stunt or fight sequence necessary to properly capture the performance on film. In the instances where a double can be used to allow for greater performance of more difficult stunts, TCN members can serve as stand ins or stunt doubles.