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Upcoming Events

TCN will be appearing at the following events:

2013 Schedule To Be Announced!

We're currently in the process of finalizing our 2013 performance schedule. If you'd like pirates, swords, fire, comedy and danger at your event, please contact us for booking information!

Past Events

TCN has appeared at these events:

  • Michigan Renaissance Festival
  • Derbyshire Renaissance Festival
  • Michigan Pirate Festival
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra
  • Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival
  • Michiana Renaissance Festival
  • World Steam Expo
  • Port Warshington Pirate Festival
  • Enchanted Lakes Medieval Festival


Jedi 2006

TCN members have also performed at: Mayfaire Renaissance Festival, Bay Area Renaissance Festival, Silverleaf Renaissance Festival, and appeared or provided stunt consultation to many films including: InZer0, InZer0: Fragile Wings, The Man Who Collected Food, Love is a Thieves Game, Bromine, Blood Games, All's Faire in Love, and Whip It.