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Like a complex dance, a properly staged fight is more than just swinging swords together to make a loud clanging noise. A good fight encompasses many more elements. A good fight shows elements of character, reflects moments and plot points within the larger storyline, and keeps the audience entertained - allowing them to suspend for a moment the knowledge that they are watching actors.

The Theatrical Combat Network specializes in creating choreography in a variety of styles. Our senior members can analyze a script, determine the proper weapon or style for the fight, and take into consideration the actor's abilities to create interesting, dramatic, effective and safe choreography for live events or film productions.

After creating the choreography, TCN will work with the director and actors to ensure that they can reproduce the sequence exactly, for every show. Overseeing practice allows TCN members to identify any issues or difficulties faced by the actors, and make adjustments as necessary. Unlike normal stage blocking, where movements of the actor need not be precise, stage combat requires that each actor move and execute choreography very specifically to ensure that both actors complete the performance unharmed.